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Trying Something New Today!

Trying Something New Today!

Painted in DIY Paint’s Old School, topped with Dark n Decrepit patina, then sealed with a custom wax made from DIY Paint’s Clear wax with a little Old 57 mixed in! She’s waiting for her new home now!! 

DIY – 1 Step Process


DIY Paint ™ is of the highest quality clay and chalk based paint on the market, and competitively priced!  NO SANDING, NO PRIMING!  If you have ever labored over sanding and then priming a piece before you even begin the fun part, you can appreciate how much time and backache this feature saves you! Besides being all natural, eliminating these steps converted me to chalk paint for good!  Well, that and the gorgeous results!

Hello! My Name is Katy

Hello! My name Katy LaBauve and I am the artist that you have stopped by to see! My journey began as a Registered Nurse in the Neonatal ICU and then into the Home Health Care field. Being a caretaker for others was in my blood and it filled my soul every single day. 

Helping others has always been a part of me and has been not only rewarding but so very fulfilling. This is the reason that in 2011, when a life-changing diagnosis would essentially take professional nursing from me for now, I knew that I needed to find something else to fill my soul.  I would have never guessed that this transition and lack of purpose would take so much from me mentally. 

It has been the hardest thing for me to find my footing in this world again, but I think I finally have.  I began playing around with painting furniture, which has been a journey in itself…in a good way!

I feel like my life is being “Born Again”, hence: Born Again Furniture and Design!!!  Thank you for stopping by today and welcome to my colorful journey!!